Why all businesses need a website?

Having an online presence mediated by the online identity is what we call nowadays a website. The website has become as crucial as the seed money in any business. Without having an online identity, you may not even consider running and operating a business successfully. In the market, it is the utmost effort of all the related companies to sign up as many customers towards their product as possible. They accomplish this feat by introducing the art of competition mediated comparison where they highlight the things which they have to offer more than any other products in the market. Unfortunately, the modern age of the world being global village forces the customers to do their research most of the times before even deciding and making up their mind for a specific product. In this scenario, it becomes imperative to have a well functioning fully updated website which will grab the attention of the visitor and will make sure that when they sign off from their page their minds are well changed and inclined towards the specific product that you are trying to sell. There are a plethora of reasons to have a website other than the ones already mentioned. This article will shed some light on the most crucial of those. Why all businesses need a website

Online marketing:

There was an age when people used to market their product in the form of printed handouts and brochures. That sure was a painstaking task as one had to go from door to door and from person to person in order to accomplish a successful marketing task. Nobody has the time and energy to repeat that in today’s fast-paced work. With an up and running website, you can pass along the web address to your links and can spread the word around by the comfort of your office.

Figure 1 Online Marketing

Customer outreach:

With a website, it is easier to target population groups for potential clientele. Target groups can be assessed using the data acquired from demographics and a little help from the data mining services and within no time, your website will be displayed in the form of adds to the target group of your choice. At the end of the day, more outreach towards the clients become possible and eventually the growth of the business becomes phenomenal. This step has proven to be of great benefit since this will also help you get potential customers from the regions which are practically inaccessible for you to go to e.g. international borders.

Figure 2 Customer Outreach Tactics To Try Before The Holiday Exodus Begins.

Outlook of the company:

The website plays a key role in maintaining and projecting an outlook of the company. A well organized and well-managed website means a bright business which has a potential future in front of it. Whenever you mention your business to someone they are going to get an idea of your business by having a look at your website. For example, you need potential investors to fund the newly launched product brand and for that, you are visiting investors. The moment you will give them your proposal they would want to have a look at your website in order to get a general idea of the running of the company. This stands true for all the connections that your business might have. An un-kept and redundant website helps play a role that affects and damages the reputation of a business beyond repair.

Having said this, it is practically essential for the business nowadays to have an up and running website and in order to use it to their benefit, they have to look for the professional companies and personnel who take pride in their website development skills.

Importance of Web Videos For Websites

The new trend which is capturing the web development market by large is the web video. Companies, business and major corporate clients are adding videos to their websites apart from the text in order to keep the things running in a better way by making up a better outlook of their website. A video added to a certain section of the website increases the likeability of the customer towards that section since a video message is possible to generate a better feel of trust.

Different clients have different ideas related to web video. Some client’s want each and everything in the form of a video and their demand list is often of the video that once made will last for almost forty to fifty minutes. While, other clients, don’t have a clue to start with in the first place and they leave it up to the web designer in order to decide what is best for their website.

There are usually a few videos which are important for a website and they are also deemed important by almost all the search engine optimization people to be of crucial role in the website ranking of a particular content. Some of this video are as following.

An introductory video:

This should be concise and to the point and should not be of a length of more than a minute and a half. There are some important milestones to hit in the video. First of all, a brief introduction of your company discussing the inception and growth of the company in the past is important. Then comes the turn of the present situation of the company, this domain covers all the important products and all the sub-tiers of these products that are the growth roots of the company. Next is the most important product that can also be called the knight in shining armor of the company. This product should be highlighted in the comparative way in which you will focus on the things that are being offered by your particular product and all the related products in the market lack those properties. In the last but not least, the video will shed some light on the future prospects and how the company foresees the future in the context of growing and sustaining. This video can either be verbal or animated with slight upbeat music in the background.

Figure 1 What’s an Introductory Video and Why Does Your Website Need One?

About the people behind the company:

This video can also be called the about us the video. In this video, you will feature the concise and up to date short interviews of the people who work in the company depicting them as the heart and soul of the company. These people will be highlighted in a way that will signify their work in the company and how they love to do what they do. Concluding the video will be cross comments from the fellow colleagues regarding each other that will generate an image of a unit and one team. The theme of this can be slightly comic to professional and the interviews should be witty as well as to the point. This will let the people know that the people in this company are humans just like them and they love working in this company more than anything else.

Figure 2 The People Behind the Plan

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